Vaugahn Hospitality

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$3.75 Great Lakes Dortmunder
1/2 Price Bottles of Wine
$4 Weed Tea & Lemonades
$4 All Shots

$3.75 Blue Moon & Smithwick's pints
$5 Big Ginger Cocktails
$4 Jameson Shots

Buy One, Get One Flatbread

Open Jam 9:30 PM
All Musicians Welcome!

$3 Miller and Coors Light Bottles/ $12 Buckets
$5 Moscow Mule Cocktails
$4 Jameson Shots

$3 Miller Lite Drafts
$4 Sam Adams Octoberfest
$4 Fireball Shots

Buy One, Get One Taco

$4 Blue Moon Pints

$5 Margaritas
$5 All Bombs
  Buy One, Get One Free: Food Menu 5-7pm

$3 PBR Cans
$5 Bloody Marys & Mimosas
$5 Weed Tea Vodka Lemonades
$5 All Bombs      

$4 Great Lakes Dortmunder
$5 Bloody Marys & Mimosas

$5 All Bombs

We're Chicago's Ohio Headquarters!

Showing ALL OSU, OU and Browns games!

Upcoming games:

9/20-Idaho @ Ohio, 6:00pm

9/27-Ohio State vs. Cincinnati, 5pm

9/21-Browns vs Ravens, 12pm